Hi and welcome to my webpage about SCD diet!

I have been following SCD for 2,5 year and before that I had 1,5 year with nearly SCD and anti fungal medication. I also di GFCF, soy free, egg free and corn free before that. 

It was hard following SCD in the start. It took a long time before I could eat different vegetables. I reliazed that oxalate is one of my problems and after reducing the oxalate intake I could eat more. And now I'm eating a lot of different food and I'm so much better then I was before I started SCD.

I have posted several recipes on this webpage. Some of the recipes are in the stages but some are not. Thats because they contain ingredients that is not «staged». 

Today I have combined SCD and Low Oxalate diet because I do have oxalate issues.

I did start SCD because I have gut problems and I’m diagnosed with ASD. 
I am hoping that when my gut starts to heal that my head will start to function better so it will be easier for me to go to school/work!