Chili con carne

2 lbs grounded meat (at least 10%fat or more)

2 lbs beef chuck

3 onion

2 tbsp chili powder (legal type)

2 tbsp cumin

2 tbsp pepper

4 bay leaf

2 whole cinnamon


For people who tolerate onion:

Stir fry the grounded meat together with a minced onion

For people who don’t tolerate onion:

Leave the onion whole and take it out before you eat it.

Stir fry the grounded meat

Cut beef chuck in cubes

Prepare the onion (as I wrote over) whole or in pieces

Put all the meat and spices in a large pot

Cover with water

Bring to boil

Let simmer for at least 3 hours

I didn’t make this a stage 1-2-3 recipe because it contains so much spices.
But if you do tolerate spices well you can use it in the beginning!

I love this..!