Salt cured lamb

1 lamb leg


1q water

7 oz salt

2 teaspoon honey

Find a large plastic box. Add lamb leg and measure how much water you need. If you use 7q water you need 49oz salt.

Boil water, salt and honey until the salt has disappeared. Let it cool. 

Pout the cold water over the lamb leg.

Cover the box and put it in a cool place (fridge, or outdoor if you live in a cool area like me..) and leave it for 5-6 days. 

After 5-6 days change the water to new cold water (no salt) and leave it for 12 hours. 

Pat dry the lamb leg and cover it with aluminums foil and stick a thermometer in the biggest part of the leg. 

Bake at 250F until the thermometer reach 160F. 

Serve hot or cold!

Very very good!